Submit A Film

The call for entries for 2019 Conserve Sauk Film Festival is now closed.

We invite you to create your own film or submit a film that you have already created and become part of the first Conserve Sauk Film Fest.

Eligibility Requirements:

Films that will be eligible for submission to the 2019 Conserve Sauk Film Festival must: 

  • Address an issue, challenge, best management practice, important resource, significant history, or historical figures associated with the environment of Sauk County either directly or indirectly.

  • Be the original works of the person(s) submitting the video.

    • The person(s) submitting the film is responsible for obtaining the legal rights for all music, images, and content featured in the video entered. ​

    • Producer(s) of the film submitted must obtain all photos, video footage, interviews and music through lawful and ethical means. All credits must be included. 

  • Include a brief description of the film for advertising purposes. 

  • Have a total run time must be between 4 and 45 minutes.

  • Offer a lesson or an answer to a question raised by the information presented in the film. This can be presented either directly or indirectly within the film.

  • Information presented must be factually accurate.

  • All films must be in English or provide English subtitles.

  • The person(s) submitting the film must submit a brief biographical note and good quality jpg. photo of each person(s) involved with the production at the time of submission.

  • Address one or more of the following conservation topics:

All films must be submitted through FilmFreeway by 11:59 PM (CDT) on August 16, 2019. No late or incomplete submissions will be accepted. Films produced prior to January 1, 2019 will be accepted as long as they are eligible as defined above.​ The producer(s) of any film that is featured in the film festival will be required to attend Conserve Sauk Film Festival on November 9, 2019 in order to receive any awards and recognition. All producers are invited to attend and participate in the facilitated discussions. 


To submit a film, please click the "Submit Film" button below.

  • Agriculture

  • Wildlife

  • Forestry

  • Water

  • Recreation

  • History

  • Biography

  • Geology

  • Land Use

  • Industry

  • Human Experience