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2019 Film Contest

The 2019 Conserve Sauk Film Festival featured a film contest for independent and amateur films.

Films submitted to the 2019 Conserve Sauk Film Festival were required to: 

  • Address an issue, challenge, best management practice, important resource, significant history, or historical figures associated with the environment of Sauk County either directly or indirectly.

  • Be the original works of the person(s) submitting the video.

    • The person(s) submitting the film is responsible for obtaining the legal rights for all music, images, and content featured in the video entered. ​

    • Producer(s) of the film submitted must obtain all photos, video footage, interviews and music through lawful and ethical means. All credits must be included. 

  • Include a brief description of the film for advertising purposes. 

  • Have a total run time must be between 4 and 45 minutes.

  • Offer a lesson or an answer to a question raised by the information presented in the film. This can be presented either directly or indirectly within the film.

  • Information presented must be factually accurate.

  • All films must be in English or provide English subtitles.

  • The person(s) submitting the film must submit a brief biographical note and good quality jpg. photo of each person(s) involved with the production at the time of submission.
  • Addressed one or more of the following conservation topics:





  • Agriculture

  • Wildlife

  • Forestry

  • Water

  • Recreation

  • History

  • Biography

  • Geology

  • Land Use

  • Industry

  • Human Experience

Judging Criteria

Films were screened and judged on the following criteria:


  • Did the film ask a question about important resources of this area, environmental challenges we face, best management practices for farmers or landowners, including within municipalities, or significant environmental history of the Sauk County area?

  • Did the film explore the human element in the question presented?

  • Did the film present an answer, lesson, or solution related to the thematic question?

Technical Quality:

  • Did the film display good quality lighting, sound, imagery, and editing that contributed to the delivery of a clear message?

Creativity & Originality:

  • Did the film present the subject matter in an original manner?

  • Did the film present the subject matter in an entertaining and engaging manner?


The following awards were presented to participants in the 2019 film contest:


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